Tax planning

Nobody likes paying taxes. This “necessary evil” is even more annoying when you have to dig even deeper into your pockets due to a lack of expertise and patience. Leave this to experienced and skilled consultants like us. We ensure that the tax authorities only get what is due to them under applicable law. In other words, we see ourselves as an intermediary between you as our client and the tax authorities. We represent your interests to the best possible extent, but always within the legal boundaries, mandatory regulations and legislation.

Saving money on taxes is not difficult, but it requires substantial knowledge and foresight.

There are legal ways to optimise your tax situation. The first is good tax planning – just like all other plans, it is best when this is carried out as early as possible. The second involves the annual financial statement, while the third deals with active pension planning. These are three good reasons to delegate this task and challenge to us and enjoy the benefits over a nice glass of wine.

Our tax advisors take your tax concerns as seriously as if they were their own.

We maintain an open relationship with the tax authorities and lay the facts on the table. We do this because better results can often be achieved by speaking directly with them instead of lodging complaints and appeals.

We can assist you with tax planning as follows

  • Extensive tax advice for individuals and legal entities
  • Tax advice in connection with business deals
  • Advice on intercantonal and international double taxation issues
  • Tax advice in connection with company name changes, restructuring and liquidation
  • Tax advice in connection with selecting the location of your business and tax burden comparisons
  • Special tax issues relating to mergers, spinoffs, asset transfers, selling businesses and succession policies
  • Company tax planning
  • Preparing all tax returns
  • Checking tax bills, assessments and documentation on the allocation of taxes
  • Complaints, objections, appeals and representation vis-a-vis all tax authorities and instances
  • VAT tax representative for non-swiss-resident companies