Additional Services

We provide clients at home and abroad with a wide range of additional services. Our location in Central Switzerland, our close proximity to Zurich Airport and our expertise in national and international environments are advantages that many clients have valued for years.

We would be happy for you to visit us in Lucerne for a chat.

Our activities focus on the consulting, assistance and management of trading, production and service companies, as well as holding, shell and finance companies.

However, we can also advise on choosing the appropriate legal form of a company and its legal structure taking into consideration the long-term consequences for subsequent tax treatment, financing, liability, management and accounting.

We provide advice and assistance in relation to contracts for your private or business relationships with third parties. Where the circumstances require, we fulfil our assignments together with external, specialist lawyers.

Additional consulting:

  • Advice on drafting contracts for transfer of title (purchase agreements, gift agreements etc.) and transfer of use (rental, lease etc.)
  • Real estate advice, premises management, preparation of commonhold property policies, as well as use and management regulations and the sale of premises
  • Advice in drafting prenuptial agreements and contracts of inheritance, plus last wills and testaments and the execution of wills
  • Advice in drawing up contracts related to financing
  • Labour law advice
  • Advice on protection law for children and adults
  • Advice related to insurance, pensions and social insurance