Management consulting

Regardless of the industry, company size and structure, business requirements are becoming increasingly complex and challenging. This is a permanent condition that we have to cope with, not merely a temporary phase.Those who always have to operate and react from what is akin to an emergency situation lose their energy, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial drive and ultimately market shares in many cases as well.

As outsiders, we can afford to be critical and honest.

As opposed to your company’s executives, family members, heirs and others involved in the company, we don’t have any of our own interests to look after. This enables us and you to observe business operations from a critical distance from time to time.

A clear, realistic assessment of the company’s opportunities is the most helpful to you in the long run.

We develop solutions to problems and their impacts on other business units so that the company can also meet its future needs. Specifically, this means that our concepts make sense, are tailored to objectives and are feasible.

We can assist you with management consulting as follows

  • Formulating models and business targets
  • Profitability calculations
  • Financial analyses
  • Advice on financing and investment issues
  • Business evaluation
  • HR advice
  • Starting companies, restructuring, mergers and liquidation
  • Succession policies