Key performance indicators are important consultation and management tools for businesses. This is why we organise your bookkeeping to ensure that you get the best possible amount of information and not only the bare minimum to comply with statutory requirements.

Our services are completely tailored to your specific needs. You decide whether you want us to enter all transactions for you or whether you want us to only conduct the annual audit and related consultation.

Everything is included in our range of services, from correct posting methods to the use of bookkeeping software.

We provide you with software to enter your payments, or can recommend software which you can use to independently manage your bookkeeping and your internal accounting. You need not worry about compatibility, as we ensure that data from you and from us can be processed without needing any workarounds. Our “Internet-Treuhänder” is an online solution based on our bookkeeping software which allows you enter all transactions directly in our system. You have access to basic support and all current figures are available to you at all times.

We show you the performance, opportunities and risks of your business with statistical evaluations, among others.

Numbers often speak louder than words. We interpret your annual financial statements and show you measures that will enable you to take your personal success into your own hands.

We can assist you with accounting as follows:

  • Managing financial ledgers
  • Preparing interim financial statements and annual financial statements
  • Annual audits and related consulting
  • Commenting on annual financial statements with various analyses
  • Managing subsidiary ledgers such as trade receivables, trade payables, payroll etc.
  • Preparing VAT statements, as well as statements for AHV, SUVA and other social insurance schemes
  • Creating budgets and comparative calculations
  • Developing optimisation schemes
  • Key performance indicator calculations and statistics
  • Accounting advice
  • Assessing and explaining financial and business data