What we do and how we do it.

Are you one of those people who think that accounting, tax planning and auditing are necessities which you do to comply with regulations and then put away in a drawer and forget about? That’s money down the drain! If they are compiled in a manner that is conclusive, clear and intelligent instead of just to comply with regulations, all these numbers and facts can serve as management and planning tools that provide key information for making decisions. Specifically, this means that we go above and beyond what is legally necessary so that you can get a return on the resources you invested in your business.


Whether you would like to tackle some of the work together or leave it all to us, we organise your bookkeeping in a comfortable, modern and convenient fashion. At the end, you will also receive an analysis with our comments for you.

Tax Planning

People who leave this to the specialists save not only time and nerves, but also money. This is because we work faster thanks to the use of the right software, but then also take more time to find the right people to talk to.


Our experience is worth its weight in gold when it comes to challenging engagements from public limited companies (AG), other legal entities or occupational pension plans. We always love a good challenge!

Management Consulting

We use feasible concepts in our consulting instead of ideals, so that you don’t stop enjoying your business, so that you can make decisions confidently and so that, in a couple of years, you can say it was worth it.


We can help you to create your business and to take off.

Additional Services

We are your ideal partner when it comes to trading, production and service companies, as well as holding, shell and finance companies, choosing the right form of company or private and business contracts.